• Pong Anti Radiation Case - 9700, 9780 Back

    Pong Anti Radiation Case - 9700, 9780
    Pong Anti Radiation Case - 9700, 9780

    $59.00 (AUD)

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    Item Code: PR-1009 Black

    Pong Anti-Radiation Case for BlackBerry in Black

    Reduce radiation by 60% - 95%*

    Suits BlackBerry Bold 9700, 9780 -
    Order new Lexan Style

    Concerned about radiation from your smartphone, or the long term affects?
    • Protect your head and body from unnecessary radiation exposure
    • Pong cases reduce radiation from 60-95%
    • Reduce concerns about possible health risks
    • Minimalist, silicone form fit design covers all corners and sides
    • Pong micro-thin antennae module reduces your exposure to cell-phone radiation
    • Access to all ports and functions
    • Pong may even enhance your phone's signal strength

    Pong™ for BlackBerry Bold 9700, 9780 protects you, your BlackBerry, and your signal. Pong is the ONLY solution proven by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certified laboratories to protect users from cell phone radiation while not compromising phone performance. Plus, the new "ridge" design provides you with the only protective case for both your phone and you.

    Pong is proven to reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation by 60% to 95%**.

    *Statistics presented are as per research conducted by the manufacturer. **Statistics as proven in laboratories, certified by the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC"), to redirect away from the user between 60% and 95% of cell phone EMR as measured on the Specific Absorption Rate ("SAR") scale. 


    What is SAR?
    SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate and measures the amount of radiation in units of watts per kilogram (W/kg) absorbed by a cell phone user's body including the head.

    The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) limits SAR levels in cell phones for partial-body exposure (including the head) to up to 1.6 W/kg (watts/kilogram). In general, the lower the SAR, the better the chances your phone is not a potential health hazard.

    How does Pong affect smartphone cell reception?
    Because Pong helps your phone use its energy more efficiently, you may actually experience improved reception and transmission.


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